PALLET RACKING: Adjustable pallet racking is the best way to maximize storage positions in your warehouse. Also creating floor space by taking stock off the ground. We specialize in standard racking,drive-in racking and mobile racking.

LONGSPAN SHELVING: Also known as picking shelving its main purpose is to store products that are hand loaded such as boxes. We hold large volumes in stock and have a range of depths and lengths available.

STEEL SHELVING: This system is mainly suited to storing small parts or boxes, available in standard from or two-tier structures to maximize your storage needs.

MEZZANINE FLOORS: We supply floors single and two-tier to create extra storage space/office space. All floors are made to customers requirements and come fully compliant to all C.E specification.

CANTILEVER RACKING: This racking is the only system to store long bulky stock such as bales of timber, steel pipe,plastic pipes. We supply painted and also galvanised racking for outdoor use.

PLASTIC STORAGE BINS: The only product for storing loose small fittings,washers,nuts or bolts. Wall plates available for hanging our bins on. Various size bins in stock. We also stock a large range of tilt out storage bins suitable for vans and workshops.

pallet racking cork steel shelving cork cantilever racking mezzanine floor storage bins