Wire Mesh Decking 1100mm Deep


Pallet Offers


Supplied in two panels per level 1320mm wide to suit 2.7 crossbeams.

  • Superior Finish - heavy gauge wire is welded first & then powder coated for maximum durability & rust free life.
  • Increased Versatility - great for cartons, irregular loads or individual components.
  • Easy To Install - simply drops into place, no fixings required.

A Fire Safety Choice - the deck is fire retardent & maintains the integrity of overhead sprinkler coverage.
Can reduce insurance premium where no sprinkler systems are installed
Environment - the mesh allows for overall improvement & cooling through it's surroundings.
Durable in all environments.
Ideal for storage above pedestrian aisles or high bay pallet rack systems.

Choose from our Pallet Offers 18 Levels (36 Panels) 36 Levels (72 Panels) 50 Levels (100 Panels)

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